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August 30, 2013 in co-creating heaven on earth, follow your heart



What The New World Movement project is about 

I created this website people who purchased my e-course and basically all my channeled work is shared on here.

Information about my channelings

A lot of my work is channeled and I believe that it is through divine inspiration and the desire to express & create after I have received information from my heart, that I was able to create this website and all the content that you can find on it. This is where I believe the information comes from and I am simply an instrument who is able to receive it and who shares it with the world. My heart once told me: you are one of the best channelers in the world because your filter is so pure and you don’t have a big ego standing in the way. That’s why I choose you to bring my message to humanity. I myself (Bram Joosten) do not claim to be anything else other than a channeler and I consider myself to be lucky and blessed & perhaps very wealthy to be part of a select few of people who really know about the prophecy of the kingdom of heaven and what’s going to come (how our future is going to look like). I am humbled and beyond gratitude to be able to share this information on this website that is entirely based around the prophecy of the kingdom of heaven.

I hope you enjoy the content that I created and that I decided to share with you. I hope it serves you well and teaches you about things you really like to know about.

I once asked my heart: what does the content that I create for you and share on my websites help people with? The answer was: self mastery.


I hope my created content can assist and serve you.. Who is perhaps a person who has this particular goal in his mind. If you come with the question when is he coming?



When is heaven on earth going to manifest? In the sense of when we will see really changes coming.

My predication is within three years (2016). That is all my heart let me know. That being said, I don’t claim to have an exact date for when heaven on earth is going to be. And if I did.. I’d rather not share the details because I don’t want to disappoint people when I myself have seen so many prophecies not coming true on a predicated date. For instance (example) the world ending on 21 december, 2012 obviously did not happen ;-). Along with many other predications like Maitreya appearing before humanity. I am not a false prophet and would never give false information. I wouldn’t share all these videos and quotes on this website if I myself didn’t believe in my heart it was true or if it didn’t feel right. I always followed my heart when it came to The New World Movement project and I always will.

~ Bram Joosten

The flood of love

August 2, 2014 in co-creating heaven on earth, follow your heart, freedom, god, happiness, heaven on earth, human angels



My god.. I’ve seen it. The flood of love. That which will change the world forever and create everlasting peace that will be felt and spread throughout the universe.

Like a ripple effect It starts small but starts widening more and more. In my vision I’ve seen awakened souls unite, unleashing their love & light in the world and eventually communities will join the family of light and then countries and then the entire world and then.. The Universe.

The flood of love is coming. You better prepare.. Because nothing can stop this. Nothing can stop love. It will truly conquer all.

Love has won. The new age has begun. Enjoy.. For things will never be the same again. I cried writing this.. Because I know in my heart it’s all true. It’s time to begin.. To sing the song of love together and more and more people will join our band of love and together we will always play the most beautiful harmony in the universe which brings nothing but peace and happiness for all who choose to listen and they too will start to play the same tune.

Tale as old as time

Song as old as Rhyme

Universal Love

Ever as before ever just as sure as LOVE will rise… And create PARADISE.

It’s so beautiful.. I felt it. And it’s coming. Come with me.. Join me.


The end is only the beginning

August 2, 2014 in freedom, god, heaven on earth


Love will sit the throne

July 25, 2014 in freedom, heaven on earth


Love will take over

July 18, 2014 in follow your heart, heaven on earth, human angels


Mark my word.. Heaven on earth will be and love is the key.

The love of my life

July 6, 2014 in co-creating heaven on earth, follow your heart, freedom, god, happiness, heaven on earth


I live to love you. There is nothing else to me.


It’s time to begin

July 5, 2014 in freedom, happiness, heaven on earth


Take my hand

July 4, 2014 in co-creating heaven on earth, follow your heart, freedom, god, happiness, heaven on earth





The kingdom

June 27, 2014 in co-creating heaven on earth

We build the kingdom
to be in love his hands.
Quickly darkness was turned to light because of our light shining so bright.
We made more money and had more success than we
ever could have imagined. All abundance would go to love.

I had visions of freedom
of peace and unity
overcoming the darkness
and corruption that was created
by the world leaders.

I had visions of love becoming
the one true leader.
Everything welcomed us
into the the new world that was birthed
by our unconditional love.

You would later say
that I was never just a man
and my hope and light was always meant to shine bright
since every experience I had
my nature and destiny was to be the light.

I would later say
We made it the moment we opened our hearts and surrendered.
When we choose to love every single moment, every single being.
I gave the universe my entire heart and it gave me everything in return. Love is all I had to learn, love is all I had to become and now all of humanity will always be as one.

I am the universe

June 15, 2014 in co-creating heaven on earth, follow your heart, freedom


What is Utopia

April 11, 2014 in co-creating heaven on earth, follow your heart, freedom



I’ll see you when you get there =).